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To utilize a peer support guided philosophy to support adolescents battling mental health challenges, as means of instilling growth, true empathy, and resiliency.  

Founded in 2020, Life Long Mentors is a non-for-profit organization that exists to 1) foster the peer support framework in its approach 2) provide peer support services at no cost to adolescents facing a mental health illness, and 3) to promote holistic recovery and resiliency through peer education, peer listening, and peer mentorship.

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Founder & Executive Director, Life Long Mentors

Hassan Nawab has a keen interest in mental health intervention and healing. Hassan is a role model for mental health advocacy. He founded Active Minds UAlberta, a mental health awareness and advocacy student group. Active Minds UAlberta as a social movement, has set the stage for community action and has supported an environment for positive change and increased wellness throughout campus. Along those lines, Hassan has contributed to a campus culture that embodies acceptance, healthy conversation, and awareness of student mental health. He has been described by his peers as an “engine for change” and has demonstrated strong leadership in coordinating health services and campus resources. By founding and leading Life Long Mentors, Hassan aims to foster & cultivate the peer support philosophy in his continued advocacy for mental health wellbeing

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